A Tense Peace

It is 1479DR, 94 years after the Spellplague ravaged Faerun. The world has begun to recover from the devastation and those who remember it first hand are becoming fewer. A tense peace has settled over most of the Realms as the remaining nations concern themselves with survival over warmongering. While the just nation of Cormyr has expanded its borders and brought several new regions under her protection so too have more sinister nations sought to expand. Netheril turned Sembia into a puppet state and uses Sembian trade to fund their quickly expanding network of spies and agents. While neither Cormyr or Netheril seem willing to risk an open war, agents of Shar have been uncovered in Cormyr and other nearby nations. They are searching old ruins and dungeons for something…

After helping the city of Loudwater a group of adventurers finds themselves in the service of King Foril where they are directed to discover the Netherese plans and put a stop to them.

Campaign Notes

This is a game I am running for a group of friends, some of us which have been playing assorted RPGs together for over 10 years. It’s set in the 4th edition version of Forgotten Realms, post-Spellplague, and features a combination of pre-made Living Forgotten Realms modules and homemade content (mostly the story linking the modules together).

Into the Shadow

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