House Rules

Food and Survival Equipment
This rule is an adaptation of the Survival Days rules from Dark Sun. Each player will note how much gold worth of food and supplies their character is currently carrying. For a normal character the maximum value is equal to their strength or constitution score, whichever is higher. Each day where the character does not have access to an inn or similar place to stay will cost gold from the food/supply pool. Additional gold cannot be placed into the pool unless the character is in a city, town or location that sells appropriate adventuring supplies. Some locations may charge more per gold going into the pool, at the DM’s discretion.

Examples of “typical” daily costs:
Well maintained road, temperate climate, good campsites: 1gp per person/animal
Minor trail, temperate climate, heavily forested or other moderately difficult terrain: 2gp per person/animal
No roads, difficult terrain/climate (mountains, swamps, jungles, deserts): 5-10gp per day

These costs will increase at level 11 and 21. As per the rules in the Player’s Handbook, Nature may be used to forage and construct shelters. The value of the roll will determine the amount of gold worth of supplies saved for that day.

Retraining/Changing Class
This is the first time most of us are playing 4e and the first time some are playing D&D at all. I am fairly lax on the retraining rules and am open to class changes (although it would work best if the class you change into is the same role as the current one). The goal is to have fun so if you are not having fun with your class and want to play something different let me know and we can work something out.

House Rules

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