Tiefling Skald


Zanis never knew his family. He was found as an infant on the doorsteps of a Bahamut temple.
A priest named Hamin took him in with open arms and raised him as his own. Even though
Zanis was raised by the priest, his Tiefling instincts started to take over in his adolescence.
Zanis started to lash out against the temple and its teachings. One night Zanis and Hamin
were in a heated argument and Zanis lost control and shoved Hamin away. Hamin fell as he
was pushed and he cracked his head on the marble steps. Hamin died on impact. That night
Zanis ran away. Over the next few years, Zanis got involved with some shady individuals.
He worked with them to prey on innocent people. Stealing, murder, and muggings because
common practice to Zanis. Then one day Zanis was hired to murder a nobleman named Javel.
Zanis stalked Javel until the opportune time to finish the deed. Just as Zanis was going to
murder Javel, the victim turned around for Zanis to see the figure of Hamin. The image glowed
and Hamin spoke to Zanis, “The road has many paths my son. Find me where the raven’s
claw meets the rising sun”. Zanis stood in awe only to find that the figure was not Hamin
but the nobleman Javel once again. Zanis dropped his weapon and fled. After that day Zanis
renounced his evil ways and vowed to follow the ways of Bahamut. He joined a small band
of adventurers where he met Varagus, a human bard. After adventuring for a few years with
the group, Zanis developed a knack for music and bardic abilities. Just as Zanis started to learn
some bard skills, Varagus and the rest of the adventuring group disbanded for retirement.
Apparently old fools aren’t fit to fight hordes of goblins anymore. Zanis went on his own and
continued to work on his new skills in hopes to find a new group to join.

Even though things seem better for Zanis he still wonders if Hamin truly spoke to him those
many years ago. And if so, what did he mean by them? Will he ever see Hamin again?


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