Yazeth Cobb

A wealthy merchant who is also a battlepriest in the Purple Dragons.



Yazeth is an older human male in his mid to late 40s. His face is worn with age but his green eyes are still bright and sharp. Yazeth’s voice is mellow and soothing, it is obvious he has spent much time comforting the wounded and distraught. His build is average and his once brown hair is now streaked with grey and nearly gone on the top. His facial hair is kept clean shaved.


Yazeth’s past is relatively unremarkable. He was born to a minor noble house to wealthy merchant parents and spent his youth travelling with caravans throughout Cormyr. It was these travels where he was first introduced to the Purple Dragons while they escorted a caravan through a particularly wild stretch of land. He befriended a battlepriest of Aumanator in the escort and joined the army a few months later.

When his parents died, Yazeth inherited their business and wealth. While he does not focus on it as much his trading ventures still bring in significant amounts of money and he owns a small amount of land in the east.

Yazeth holds the rank of Lionar in the Purple Dragons.

Yazeth Cobb

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